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Beach day

It was a brainmelter type of day on Saturday, so I made the San Gabe Valley-to-beach migration with my bike, pedaling from the Republic of Santa Monica down to Manhattan Beach. The above photos were taken with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone 3gs.
Top: plane taking off from LAX from Dockweiler beach.

Middle: the scene in Manhattan beach.

Bottom: The Marvin Braude bike path between the boat channel to Marina del Rey and Ballona Creek.

Nothing great photo-wise -- composition is okay -- but always fun to play around. It would have helped to follow the old photo saying and get closer (a lot closer!) to the subjects all three of these pics.

As for Hipstamatic, I'm not sure why I like it. For one, Hipstamatic is kind of cutesy, with the app designed to look like a camera. For two, I can't fucking stand the hipster crowd. For three, the user processes the photo ahead of time by selecting the type of film and lens -- meaning the user ends up trying a lot of combos (and perhaps spending some dough) to find combos that are palatable.

That said, I've gotten some results I like. The snapshots the app creates have a nice aesthetic and mood (again, especially if you get close to your subject).

Please check out my portfolio at If you dig Hipstamatic here's a gallery with some of my other pics using the app.


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