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Photographing the Boss

If you're a Bruce Springsteen fan -- and I am -- there's a great post on about photographer Eric Meola's road trip across the Great Basin in 1977 to photograph Springsteen for the "Darkness on the Edge of Town" album.

Many of those photos have never been seen. The awesome one at right wasn't used until 2010 when Springsteen released "The Promise," the great double album of songs that didn't make the cut for "Darkness."

The storm in the photograph inspired a key verse in "The Promised Land" but is an achievement of its own -- the road vanishing in the distance, the boiling clouds, the sun on the hills in the distance and Springsteen leaning against one of the kind of cars he so often put his characters in.

Eric Meola: I bow before you, sir! The composition of the photo is pretty much perfect. Meola's new book "Streets of Fire" can be purchased online. Speaking of "The Promised Land," below is a sweet version from 1978 when the song was brand spanking new.

And here is an iPhone pic I took at Bruce's show at the Sports Arena in April during the Apollo Medley.

Bruce Springsteen sings the Apollo Medley at the L.A. Sports Arena on April 27, 2012. I took this with my iPhone 3GS -- quality so-so but looks better after being processed in Snapseed.




Top photo by Eric Meola


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