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Rainbow over Klamath Lake

Rainbow over boaters on Upper Klamath Lake, southern Oregon.

Here's one from my summer vacation in Oregon. 

Got lucky, sort of. Showers passed through the area in the early evening, so we thought it might be a good time to take some photos at the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge. Five minutes after stepping out on the boat dock at Rocky Point -- ta-da! -- a rainbow appeared. 

The ducks shown below went by the rainbow first. After they cleared out, the boat went by. 

I like the top photo better as you get a better idea of the surrounding landscape and I like the way the sun is hitting the hills at left. Both photos were taken with a cheap 55-200 telephoto lens on my Nikon D5100. 

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Geese and an early evening rainbow after rain showers on Upper Klamath Lake in southern Oregon.

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