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The Mayor

I took this photo of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa using the Camera Awesome app on my iPhone 3GS. He's aboard a Metrolink commuter train, taking questions from the media about new anti-collision technology (I was covering the event for my work with a government agency). 

It's hardly a great photo, but it's kind of interesting. The Mayor is engaged with his interviewer, there's another train out the window and the guy in the background is at a pleasing angle. And the black-and-white gives it a newspapery feel. The obvious knock on the photo is the dead space at the top left and that the guy at bottom left was darkened too much. 

Camera Awesome is, in fact, a pretty great photo app -- it was developed by SmugMug, the photo sharing website (which I use). There are many dozens of effects and filters available and I think the app lends a nice texture to photos.

One major complaint: while the app saves some basic info about each photo, it doesn't save the info about which filter was used. Fix it, folks! 

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