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Eastern Sierra fall colors

A hiker on the John Muir Trail crosses a log bridge over Minaret Creek in the John Muir Wilderness area.
Fall colors are tough. Not sure I got this one (click above to see larger), taken in the Eastern Sierra of California on the North Fork of Bishop Creek, just downstream from the Lake Sabrina Dam. I tried to follow some advice from a magazine: keep the color a small part of the photo in order to make it stand out better.

But it's a hell of a fishing spot -- there's a ton of trout in there and they sure weren't easy to catch on this night. I had a nice 12-incher on the line at one point but lost it as my partner abused me for keeping too much slack in the line. Otherwise, the bad boys in the creek pretty much rejected everything. 

As for this year's fall colors, it's just okay. This was among the best we saw during our recent trek to Mammoth. Up above here at North Lake, the colors were on their way out -- save for one good aspen grove. The area around June Lake was decent, too, and the colors were definitely popping in the hills above the town of Crowley Lake.


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