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Hurricane Sandy photo gallery

I wanted to post a few of the outstanding photos I've run into on Flickr from Hurricane Sandy and the other wild weather hitting the Midwest this week.


A man riding his bike along Lake Michigan in Chicago. Photo by Chris Bentley, via Flickr creative commons.

 Manhattan, Hurricane Sandy  

A view of a darkened Manhattan from Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Photo by Reeve Jolliffe, via Flickr creative commons

 Front Street  

Front Street in lower Manhattan. Photo by Several Seconds, via Flickr creative commons.

Statue of Liberty storm surge perhaps taken from Ellis Island. Photo by Gordon Tarpley, via Flickr creative commons.

 Hurricane Sandy 2012    NY and NJ

Taxis underwater in New Jersey. Photo by That Hartford Guy, via Flickr creative commons.

 Coast Guard flyover of Long Island post Hurricane Sandy [Image 8 of 9]

Long Island, New York. Photo by U.S. Coast Guard, via Flickr creative commons.

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  1. The "Statue of Liberty storm surge perhaps taken from Ellis Island" picture is (obviously!) fake. Here's the original:

    How can anybody fall for it?