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Mammoth Mountain Sunset

Spectacular sunset over Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes.

For the third night in a row, there was a spectacular sunset over the Eastern Sierra on Sunday (click above to see larger). I was driving south from June Lake and with the color show starting, needed to find a good vantage point pronto -- and remembered a good spot on Hot Creek Road, which provides a view north toward Mammoth Mountain and the Sierra Crest. 

I shot this with my trusty Nikon D5100 with my Nikon 10-24 wide angle lens, which I'm reluctant to ever remove from the camera. Not just because I paid $860 for this bad boy. The lens is that sharp.

That's Mammoth Mountain just right of center in the frame and to the right is the jagged peaks of the Minarets. Yeah, that detail would have been more striking with a big telephoto lens, but I like the wide angle for this job -- show the whole scene as I saw it. Plus I figured most other amateurs would throw a big zoom lens on their camera for this scene, so I did the opposite.

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