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Minaret Summit sunset

Sunset as seen from Minaret Summit in the Inyo National Forest near Mammoth Lakes, CA.

One final photo from my Eastern Sierra trip earlier this month. I took this one at Minaret Summit, just before Highway 203 turns into Reds Meadow Road. Click above to see larger.

A word of caution about the summit: The views are great but it's not the best place for photos because of some trees in the foreground. I darkened the foreground in this photo in Lightroom to mostly get rid of them. 

The better place to get a similar photo is to drive down the road toward Red's Meadow and stop at one of the first two pullouts (the road is narrow here, so use caution). 

The photo was taken with my 10-24 Nikon wide-angle lens, which gives super crisp images. 

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