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Fixing color fringe in Lightroom

As I've written before, I'm an amateur when it comes to many aspects of digital photography -- particularly the whole processing thing. I'm learning as I go. 

Example: I was messing around with my Mt. Whitney-at-sunset photo when I noticed some pretty bad color fringing between the edges of the mountains and the sky. It's only visible when zooming way, way in on the photo -- but still. Maybe one day I'll want to cover the side of my house with the photo! 

Some quick Googling explained that this is a pretty common problem -- and now easy to fix in Adobe Lightroom. In fact, the Adobe people explain the issue in this post if you care to understand the ultra-technical nature of the problem (I don't). 

Go to the Lens Correction box on the right side of the photo in the 'develop mode.' That's your new best friend. Click on 'color' and up comes four sliders that fix the fringing problem. Begin sliding and soon the problem is fixed. See below: 

It's one more reason I like Lightroom. Everything is easy and I can spend less time processing photos and more time taking them or doing something else that's fun. 


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