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Mystery rolls unveiled!

As I blogged recently, I found a couple of rolls of slide film hiding behind a jar of pickles in the fridge. So I got them developed and found a bunch of pics from Yellowstone and Yosemite, circa 2005 or so. 

I would hardly call any of them good. They're more like snapshots, albeit snapshots taken on quality film (Fuji Provia). Nonetheless, I scanned a few this week and then did some touching up in Lightroom, sometimes adding a filter or two. 

If nothing else, the photos have that "film" look we often strive to get with our digital equipment. Here are a few of the slides, mistakes and all!:

Old Faithful at Yellowstone. Look -- no one holding up iPhones! 

A double rainbow in the Paradise Valley outside Yellowstone. I have no idea how I created so much noise in a slide photo.

Silhouette of a moose at Yellowstone.

Trail sign at Yellowstone in a forest burned in the infamous 1988 wildfire. 

A bison along the Madison River (?) in Yellowstone.

A mama elk leads a baby elk across the Madison River at Yellowstone. A good argument for having a big telephoto lens, eh?

Sunset over the Minarets near Mammoth Lakes.

Cathedral Peak and the Tuolumne River at Yosemite. I almost sort of like this one! 

Lembert Dome from Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite.

My dearly departed dog Molly looking ticked off about something. I have no idea where this was taken -- possibly near Saddlebag Lake on the way to Tioga Pass.

A view of Mammoth Mountain from Minaret Summit.

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