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Mammoth Mountain gondola

A view of Mammoth Mountain on a stormy day. Upper gondola is disappearing into the clouds and the top of Chair 5 is at right.

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I like going back older photos every once in a while. Inevitably I find myself gagging over some images that I initially liked while finding others that I had dismissed but were kinda interesting. 

This is one of those. The first time I processed it in Elements I didn't do much -- and it looked a little washed out despite pretty good composition. I've since bought Lightroom and not to sound like a shill (although glad to do so for $$$$!), but I was able to make it a much more dramatic image. 

And now I'm kind of digging it, especially in black and white with more contrast. Even though the gondola is tough as nails -- it has to be to survive at that elevation -- here it looks small and fragile compared to the majest of the mountain and the weather. And I like the hints of Chair 5 at right and Chair 25 on Lincoln Mountain in the lower left corner of the frame. The run at lower right is the top of the great Gold Hill trail -- easy to access from Chair 9 or Chair 5. 

Incidentally, I took the photo last April from the Snowcreek condo parking lot -- which is a ways away from the mountain. I used my 55-200mm telephoto which on this day was behaving itself (it was dropped in the ocean in late 2011) and got a fairly sharp image. 

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This photo is ©Steve Hymon and may not be used elsewhere without advanced written permission from Steve Hymon. 

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