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Summit Lake

The view west across Summit Lake of the Big Pine Lakes in the John Muir Wilderness.

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Been going back and using Lightroom to process some photos I f---ed up the first time 'round. Nabbed this one at Summit Lake in the Big Pine Lakes part of the John Muir Wilderness this summer. Not bad for mid-day, eh? 

Thank you, Nikon DX 10-24mm wide angle lens and Lightroom! All I had to do was find a good spot and manage not to drop the camera on a rock between the Sierra and home in LaLaLand. 

Here are some more pics from the backpack on my SmugMug site. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, where occasionally I say something less than profound. 

This photo is ©Steve Hymon and not to be used elsewhere in any medium without Steve Hymon's advanced written permission. 

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