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Beer league hockey photos

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Yes, when all else fails in hockey simply use your stick as a hatchet! It works!

I'm still on injured reserve with an ACL tear, so I've been shooting my beer league team's games with the new 70-300mm lens. It's not ideal -- it's a slow lens for indoor sports -- but I've gotten a few decent pics that for online. They'd probably make prints if kept small (8 x 10, for example). 

I got my best results with ISOs ranging from 800 to 1600, allowing me to shoot at shutter speeds ranging from 1/640 to 1/1000. I processed in Lightroom but used Nik Dfine 2.0 to get rid of some of the noise.

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  Aaron being chased by one of the Marauder's main goons.

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Check out more of my work on my SmugMug site; here are four galleries of exciting beer league hockey action. And if you don't play hockey, but want to -- stop fucking around reading the internet and get down to your local rink. Life awaits! My ACL injury was a total freak thing -- but be careful of groin pulls and wear a cup. Those pucks are little bastards.


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