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Beer league hockey

As I may have mentioned, I recently did a shred job on one of my ACLs, meaning I'm on injured reserve for the rest of my hockey team's season. Naturally, I took the money I would have spent playing hockey and spent it instead on a 70-300mm telephoto lens. (No, it never occurred to me to save the money). 

I gave the lens its first real workout last night at my team's game. The one above is my favorite. A bunch of guys standing in front of the goal, waiting for the arrival of Senor Puck. There's all sorts of things technically wrong with the photo -- badly exposed, lot of noise, etc. -- but I dig it because it captures the intensity of hockey. 

I played around with the processing to give the photo a vintage feel -- I used the onOne "Vintage-Retro Warm" filter for Lightroom 4. I wanted the image to have that film look that best captures old rinks late at night in some far-off decade (never mind that the photo was taken in a new rink this decade). I'll probably be hating on it in a couple of days and change it up, but I likey for now. 

More pics from last night's game on my SmugMug page. And follow me on Twitter as I occasionally remember to tweet something really stupid. 


This image ©Steve Hymon and may not be used elsewhere without my advance written permission. All rights reserved. 

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