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Two views of Mammoth Mountain

Looks better super-sized!

Larger version!

Looking through my photo collection and noticed I take a lot of photos of Mammoth Mountain. The top is one of my favorites, shot last winter on the backside of the mountain, coming off chair 14. I never get tired of the view of the Minarets and Mts. Banner and Ritter. 

The bottom photo was taken earlier this month from the east side of Crowley Reservoir, one of the many bathtubs serving the city of Los Angeles. As you can see, it was a breezy day on top of Mammoth, which is not an unusual occurrence. 

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Prints: here's the link to purchase a print of the top photo from my SmugMug site. And here's the link to purchase a print of the bottom photo. An 8 x 12 on metallic-paper (my favorite) is $11.95. There are also a variety of other sizes and mounting sizes. Photos are a nice, cheap way to spice up an old condo -- such as the ones I stay in when in Mammoth, hint hint. 

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These photos are ©Steve Hymon and may not be used elsewhere without my advanced written permission. All rights reserved. 

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