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Home sweet home

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I just got back from a three-day photo workshop at Zion National Park, where I took this photo during a lunch break. I was tempted to crop it tighter but I like wildlife shots with a little context -- and habitat! 

How often have you seen someone post wildlife shots from Yellowstone but they crop it so tight or go in so close with the telephoto they forget to include the Yellowstone part? 

As for this little guy, I was taking some landscape shots by the Virgin River and a bunch of birds kept flying by. I was standing beneath this try and happened to notice the hole in the trunk. So I just zoomed in and waited...and waited...and waited...and sure enough a bird arrived and disappeared into the trunk. A little more waiting and boom! I got the pic. 

I have a bunch of photos that need processing so I'll post them over the next several days including some good photo tips I picked up at the workshop. 


This photo @Steve Hymon and may not be used without advanced written permission. All rights reserved. 

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