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National Wildlife Federation photo contest

A sea gull on a cliff above the sea at La Jolla Cove in San Diego.

I never enter photo contests -- thinking there's not a chance in hell I'll win anything. That said, I just spent an hour uploading photos to the National Wildlife Federation's annual contest.

And you can, too! It costs $20 to enter 15 photos before May 15; then the price goes up. The entry fee also gets you a NWF membership for a year, which means you'll be supporting a good cause even if/when you lose: ensuring native wildlife survives in the US of A.

Three of my entries are above. Feel free to register to vote in the contest and then vote for my entries each and every day: it will give you something to do at work! All my photos can be found here to make it easier for you to stuff the ballot box. 

Thanks, blog readers! And enter your own photos? What do you have to lose besides 20 bucks? The top prize is a trip north to photograph polar bears. As long as none of the bears eats you or your camera, that has got to be a great trip. 


The above photos are ©Steve Hymon and may not be used elsewhere without advanced written permission. All rights reserved.

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