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The iPhone5 camera: great pics if you can stomach dealing with Apple's GreedMonsters

Like many people, I'm getting increasingly weary of the Apple computer Greed Machine.

In the past couple of years, I've had them outright lie to my girlfriend about needing to replace her iPad after a drop (there was a dent that a private shop fixed for $10 in five minutes), the relatively new iMac I have can be very slow when doing basic tasks such as shutting down programs and Apple is increasingly refusing to update older products such as the first edition of the iPad.

My favorite: Apple wouldn't let me buy an iPhone5 for my girlfriend's birthday in their store without immediately shutting off her current phone and turning on the new one. I literally had to leave the store and go home and order the thing online. Which is just stupid beyond belief.

In other words, Apple is rich and cool and no longer has Steve Jobs screaming about quality. They only get away with it because: A) so many of their competitors' products are utter shit, and; B) so many of Apple's products are cool and work relatively well, although iTunes and the whole synching the iPhone business appears to have been designed by a blind duck.

All these are the reasons I held my nose this past weekend and upgraded my barely-working iPhone 3GS for an iPhone5: I wanted the iPhone camera and I already owned a slew of the great photography apps.

As for the above three photos, the top and bottom ones were taken with the 6x6 app and the middle one with Instagram, which no longer worked on the 3GS. Thanks for that Apple; have your users update to software that will prohibit them from using popular apps! Assholes! 

The problem with Instagram, of course, is that it's also social media. But the filters are ridiculously good  at making digital look like film; the 6x6 app comes closest quality-wise, IMO. And the bottom line is that whether Instagram or other great apps such as Snapseed or Camera Awesome, it's pretty easy to get a good quality print from the iPhone5, especially if you use a good lab and good paper. 

I can't think of one good reason anyone should spend money on both a point-and-shoot and an iPhone5. If you're into photography, it seems to me the smart move dollar-wise is get a big boy/girl DSLR for your more serious photographic excursions and then use either a cell phone camera or point-and-shoot for the everyday fun stuff. 

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The above photos are ©Steve Hymon and may not be used without my advanced written permission. All rights reserved. 

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