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My bold new SmugMug homepage

Above is a screen grab of my new SmugMug home page. Not bad for a home page. Click here to visit the real thing. 

But geesh gosh willies, did SmugMug screw up the launch of their new website and its flashy design tools. The new customization tool is about as unintuitive as unintuitive gets and my site took me many more hours to figure out than it should have -- especially considering that I pay SmugMug, not the other way around. 

My site has a lot of work still to do and I'm not quite loving it yet. But at least the home page is bold. Too bad it looks weird on mobile sites, including the iPad -- something SmugMug might want to fix. 

If you're also a SmugMug customer, this video has some helpful tips.

UPDATE, Friday Aug. 2: The site is slowly coming together. This thread on the Dgrin forums had some tips that helped me get past some trouble spots. 

The photo, btw, was taken looking east from Kearsarge Pass on the border of Kings Canyon National Park and the John Muir Wilderness in California's Eastern Sierra. Buy a lovely print of it here if this is your kind of thing -- a 12 x 18 print with metallic finish is $21, a good deal! There are also a variety of mounts if you want to pony up the clams. Thanks for looking! 


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