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Pasadena sunset, August 2

Last night at CalTech. Taken with VSCOcam app on my iPhone5. 

iPhones have great cameras, but they don't perform particularly well in low light and this photo had tons of noise. It's not particularly noticeable on an iPhone screen but I almost crapped my pants when I saw the photo on a larger screen -- it was just noise, noise and more noise. 

So I dispatched the pic to my real computer and imported it into Lightroom 4, cranking the anti-noise setting with little abandon and then using the onOne present 'Graduated ND Large." It's not noise-free but I bet I could get a pretty good 8 x 12 print from this (and a good print should always be your goal). 

It was a really spectacular sunset, btw -- I bumped up saturation slightly in the VSCOcam app, but tried to be conservative about it. 

Interested in VSCOcam app? Here's a gallery of other photos I've taken with it. 

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