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Big sea, little sailboats

Forgot about this one, taken earlier this fall at Will Rogers. 
I was playing around, trying to see how low I could get my camera to the surf without it actually getting wet. 

In other words, I was subliminally trying to drown my camera, so I would be provided with an excuse to buy a new one even though there's nothing wrong with my Nikon D5100. 
As for the image, I had the Nikon 10-24mm wide angle lens on the camera and I was trying to see how small I could make the sailboats in the distance while keeping them visible. You know, the whole 'wow, the sea is really big' thing.
I also had the sailboats framed more toward center in the original photo but cropped it so they wold be on one side of the frame and a pair of the Channel Islands on the other. 
Does it work? I like it but I could also see someone saying it's self indulgent or lacking a strong subject matter. Hey, it's photography -- there's always the next image. 
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This photo is ©Steve Hymon 2013 and may not be used elsewhere without my advanced written permission.

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