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Eastern Sierra fall color: Convict Lake, a different take

Convict Lake is one of the infamous places to take photos of fall color in the Eastern Sierra of California. Here's a decent shot from 2011 -- it obviously would have been better if I had shot in the image with the sun at my back. 

I was at Convict in the afternoon again this year and decided to try something different. While hiking around the lake, I took some photos in the other direction, hoping to show a small patch of fall color on the lake's eastern side. 

Thus, the above photo. I think the composition works well; too bad there weren't a few more puffy clouds out there. The big challenge was getting the fall colors to stand out from the brown hills behind them; instead of going overboard on the processing, I kept it pretty much as I shot it. 

I could have lightened up the shadows a bit, but decided to keep them dark. Makes the image more interesting. The photo was taken with my Nikon D5100 and Nikon 35mm 1.8 DX lens, which produces super sharp images. I shot handheld and in RAW and processed in Lightroom, using VSCO slide film preset (Provia 400) to help the photo look less digital. 

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