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What I've read about photography this week

Online articles, galleries and blog posts on photography that have caught my eye in recent days:

Nikon's photo contest winners for photography through microscopes -- amazing images.

Shooting the spooky Southwest backroads, Flickr blog. Night + colors = original images.

The full-frame debate, Do you really need to go full-frame? Probably not, says Thom Hogan. Do I want a full-frame cameraanyway? Probably so, says me. :)

Mono Lake South Tufa Reserve, CaliTrails. Good writeup and some great photos of a hugely popular landscape photo area. I've been there!

JFK: A bystander's view of history, International Center of Photography. Snapshots of JFK's motorcade through Dallas on that fateful day.

Update for night photography gear, David Kingham Photography. Nice rundown and explanation of cameras and lenses that David recommends for shooting the stars.

Artful, aerial views of humanity's impact, New York Times lens blog. Amazing aerial views of the Earth including some on how we're mucking it up.

North Korea in widescreen, National Geographic. Stunning panoramas taken in a nation few outside cameras get to see.

Horseshoe Canyon pictographs and photographs, Calipidder. Nice write-up and images from a visit to an off-the-beaten-path spot in Canyonlands National Park.

Lost in the Golden Horn, Leica Camera blog. Some great photos from the streets of Istanbul.

I'll try to do these kind of posts on a weekly basis -- God knows I read enough photo-related stuff and it's always wise to share the good stuff.

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