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Walking through fall colors in the Eastern Sierra's Lundy Canyon

I posted a similar photo earlier this fall -- in that one a motorcycle was going down the road away from the camera. I thought it was my best photo from this spot in the Eastern Sierra's Lundy Canyon. 

But maybe I was wrong. Maybe it's better to have a person walking toward me. If push comes to shove, I'd probably now pick this one as the better one. 

This happens all the time. I shoot a bunch of stuff and then go back later and find a photo I overlooked. Or I look at a photo that I really liked and think it now sucks. 

The lesson: go back once in a while and look at your stuff critically. Or try processing in a different way. And for God's sake, keep your original images (preferably on an external hard drive) and don't mess with them! 

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This photo is ©Steve Hymon and may not be used elsewhere without my advanced written permission. All rights reserved. 

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