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Bird eating fish in the Los Angeles River!

I was running some errands Saturday in Glendale and decided to go for a stroll along the Los Angeles River, the mostly concrete-lined catheter that drains the area. The bottom of the river was never paved in the Glendale Narrows section, so there is considerable vegetation -- and along with it, lots of birds and (unfortunately) trash. 

I knew there were fish in the river but had never seen one -- until I saw this cormorant dive and return to the surface with a big carp. It's not the best pic -- I was completely surprised -- but it's fun to have a photo of fish in the river, which city leaders here are trying to revive. 

Some other pics:

Looking north toward the Hyperion Bridge.

Another cormorant.

A blizzard of sea gulls.

I still need to identify these guys.

Too much trash in the river! 

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