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Surfer at Abalone Cove Reserve

Surfer at Abalone Cove Reserve in Rancho Palos Verdes. Click above to see larger. 

I didn't quite intend to put him smack in the middle of the frame, but that's what I ended up shooting. I toyed around with cropping it but decided to leave as is, although some people absolutely contend nothing should ever be smack dab in the middle. Example, from the 'digital-photo-secrets' site: 

"If your subject is somewhere in the center, the eye tends to get stuck there. The eye doesn’t try to move around the rest of the image and explore it. As a result, the image appears uninteresting, even if your subject is very interesting. By simply moving your subject a little to the left or right, you restore the visual balance and improve the framing of your image."

Well, okay. Here's a cropped version that removes the surfer from the center: 

I'm not sure it's really that much better. In this case, I think the original version is interesting enough image that it works. I also like how the surfer's pose is so effortless, albeit he wasn't exactly in heavy surf.

The photo was taken with my Nikon D5100 camera and the Nikon DX 85mm micro lens. 

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