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The goalie

This isn't a pose or portrait. I shot it during my team's game (I sat it out) when one of the opponents was rushing our goal. I got two pretty good shots -- this one and the one after the jump that shows why our goalie was getting ready to make a stop. 

I actually like the first one better with the goalie all by himself. It says something about the position -- it's a lonely one with the goalie sometimes the only thing between victory and defeat. BTW, our goalie easily stopped this shot. 

One other interesting thing of note: I shot this with my Nikon D5100 and Nikon DX 85mm micro lens. I've previously used my 70-300mm telephoto lens, but it's not a very fast lens and it's hard to shoot fast shutter speeds and low ISOs. The 85mm micro lens, on the other hand, can shoot at f/3.5, allowing me to get this shot at 1/400th shutter and ISO 1000. (I picked up the 85mm lens used at a camera show for $425, which is $100 below its frequent retail price). 

Those are hardly ideal settings. I'd rather be at 1/800 to freeze the action in hockey. And to prevent noise, I'm always trying to get to a lower ISO. That said, with a DX camera and a micro lens, I was able to get a decent shot without spending thousands of dollars on a full frame camera and another $1,500 or more on a fast telephoto.
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