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Finchapalooza in my backyard


I got a finch feeder for Christmas. Birds are all over the feeder, but the real benefit is that birds first hang out in an apple tree near the feeder -- and the apple tree is much more photogenic. 

Above are three images taken yesterday. 

I like the top best, even with the bird's head in the shade. I got a nice strong focus on the second one and the third one has some mostly pleasing bokeh. Click on any of the photos to see larger. 

All photos were taken with my Nikon D5100 and Nikon 70-300mm lens either handheld or using a monopod at ISO 400 and f/5.6 -- so I could shoot at a high shutter speed. Remember, with a DX sensor (such as the 5100) the 70-300 telephoto --which can be used on DX or FX cameras -- is actually a 105 to 450mm lens. 

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All photos above are ©Steve Hymon and may not be used elsewhere without my advanced written permission. All rights reserved.