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Hiking to the summit of Mt. Baden Powell


Hiked to the summit of 9,399-foot Mt. Baden Powell, one of the larger peaks in the San Gabriel Mountains that serve as a backdrop to Los Angeles. 

Not a great day photographically -- tough light, a lot of haze inhibiting the views. I didn't come home with anything that really wowed me, so I tried a few things processing-wise using the free demo from the Nik Collection of processing tools (I used them as Lightroom plug-ins). 

Processing doesn't make ordinary photos great. Composition and subject makes great photos. But I thought the above shots at least manage to be interesting. One thing -- if you want to make sunstars, close the aperture. It's just like squinting -- you get sunbursts. 

Want to know more about the hike? Check out this post at my partner's West-Centric blog. 

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