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Sammy's latest portrait

If you take your dog to the park, bring your camera. Never miss a chance to practice shooting! 

The above was taken with my Nikon D5100 and the ultra-sharp Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens. I used a shallow aperture (f/2.2) to help blur the background (called bokeh). I could have blurred it more if I had gotten closer to Sammy but I didn't want a closeup and I really wanted both trees in the background. 

I spent a little more time than usual on the processing. The photo was shot in RAW and initially processed in Lightroom 4 where I added some vignetting. I then used some of the NIK software tools to help blur the background more -- Viveza to add a little more blur to the background and Dfine to clean up some noise. 

The result: a professional looking photo from a consumer-oriented DSLR and lens. 

One tip: be careful using shallow apertures when photographing dogs with long-ish snouts. If you focus on their nose, for example, the eyes may be out of focus and vice versa. It's better to stop down a bit and focus on the eyes

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