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Four views of Morro Rock and Morro Bay

Not sure I'm done processing this set of photos yet -- there's a bit of work to be done. But they're close enough to post. 

That's Morro Rock, the 576-foot-tall volcanic remnant that sits adjacent to Morro Bay on California's Central Coast. All were taken this past Saturday afternoon from a variety of locations. 

I think each photo has its strengths although I'm guessing the first one will be the most popular as it's the most overtly colorful and has a nice reflection. It got listed on Flickr's "interestingness" page the other day, which almost never happens to my pics. 

How'd I get the water to hold still? It's a long exposure in which I kept the shutter open for 25 seconds. That was made possible by using a graduated neutral density filter on my Nikon DX 10-24 wide angle lens to limit the amount of light, thusly allowing longer shutter speeds. 

I actually under-exposed the image badly -- I thought I had a few good pics already captured in the camera and was guesstimating the exposure time on one last shot as it got dark out. But I shot in RAW and that allowed me to basically save the image by brightening things up and making some other adjustments. 

The lesson: if it's an image you really care about, shoot in RAW -- it's a way to ensure you have something to work with later. I'm a little bummed I didn't get it exposed properly, but pleased I was able to rescue a pretty nice image. 

As for the other photos...

There was nice, soft light for the second image, which almost looks like a drawing. It was taken about two hours before sunset. I'm a wee bit concerned it looks too digital and might try some other things to give it more of a film look. 

The third image works because of the composition. The line of the breaking wave leads the eye straight to Morro Rock, which is actually (shocker!) what I intended. 

The fourth image was the one I was most excited about while taking the photos -- I really liked the combination of the boat, the duck, Morro Rock and the reflections of the clouds on the water. I still do, but the first photo with the silky smooth water is probably the better one. 

More photos to come from my long weekend on the Central Coast. There are a few I'm really digging, but need to pop some beers and process 'em first. 

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