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Cincinnati, part 2

Union Terminal.

Union Terminal.

West End.

West End abandoned home, closeup.

Abandoned school, Dayton Street.

Homes on Dayton Street

Shadows of homes, Dayton Street.


A few more photos from my recent trip to Cincy. Wish I had more time to shoot -- I only squeaked in an hour here or there and at odd times. Thus, the sun was on the wrong side of Union Terminal and I didn't really have time to really dig into what remains of the West End. 

Of the above shots, the two I like best are the last one with the shadows of homes on the side of an old home -- just feels a little different. I also like the closeup of the shattered window of the abandoned West End home. It quickly tells a story; very old house that has seen better days. 

As for Cincy, I grew up there and continue to be amazed by the ridiculously large number of structures from the 1800s that are still standing. I've been living in Southern California for 20 years -- which is probably why I'm not used to seeing buildings from the mid 1800s (although my house was built in 1916). 

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