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Cincinnati Music Hall.

Cincinnati Music Hall, completed in 1878. 

Businesses across from Findlay Street. 

Abandoned store, Ridge Road, Cincinnati.

Empty store, Ridge Road. 

Over the Rhine, downtown Cincinnati.

Abandoned buildings, Over-the-Rhine.

Ohio River from Eden Park in Cincinnati.

View of Ohio River and Northern Kentucky from Eden Park. 

Abandoned Krogers store, Cincinnati.

Abandoned Krogers grocery, Kennedy Heights. 

New office park, Blue Ash, outside Cincinnati.

New suburban office building, Blue Ash. 

Homes in Pleasant Ridge, Cincinnati.

Old homes, Pleasant Ridge. 

Eden Park Water Tower, Cincinnati.

Water Tower, Eden Park. 

Capitolene Wolf statute, Eden Park, Cincinnati.

Capitolene Wolf statue, Eden Park. 

Pharmacy, Madeira. 

Water Tower, black and white. 


I've been in Cincinnati the past week-plus on family business that isn't exactly fun. Downtime has been scarce, but I've tried to squeak in a few minutes for taking photos of some favorite places (I grew up here) and other interestingness. 

Hopefully a little more time to shoot before I leave as there's all sorts of good stuff here -- lot of old buildings, vistas, and all sorts of suburban blight. 

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The photos above are ©Steve Hymon and may not be used elsewhere without my advanced written permission. All rights reserved. 

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