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New lens purchase: Nikon 50mm 1.8

I didn't really need it. But I wanted it and Nikon was offering a $20 rebate. So I plopped down $200 and picked up the Nikon 50mm 1.8g lens recently to use on my Nikon D5100 (and possibly a future camera!). The above are a few of my initial efforts with the lens featuring Sammy the Dog as my involuntary model.

Actually, it wasn't entirely a purchase spurred only by Camera Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I justified the purchase with this reasoning: I wanted a fast portrait lens capable of producing some decent bokeh. The 50mm lens is built for FX cameras and on my DX camera has an angle of view equivalent to a 75mm lens on FX -- which is in the range that many photographers like for portraits.

Yeah, the 50mm 1.4G lens may have been a smarter purchase for this purpose (and my camera), but it would have cost another couple hundred bucks -- and I already spent that money on a new external flash :)

As for the new lens, I'm pleased thus far. The bokeh looks nice enough. A few more samples:

All in all, the lens is not amazingly different from my 35mm 1.8 lens, but it's probably a little better for portraits due to the greater focal length and maybe a little better bokeh. I've taken a few other photos of friends not shown here that turned out nice, too -- so the 50mm 1.8 will be fun to use on the D5100. I do recommend playing around with apertures as it may not always look best shooting wide open at f/1.8.

I think the lens will be especially good if I ever get the balls to buy the D600 or Df full frame camera that I think I want. 

I also see some chromatic aberration at times -- but it has been mostly easy to fix in Lightroom using the lens correction function. 

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