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Musicians at Union Station

Jennifer Keith in Fred Harvey Room.

Dancing to Jennifer Keith.

Jennifer Keith.

Dancing to Jennifer Keith.

Dancing to Jennifer Keith.

Los Angeles Muses.

Las Cafeteras.

Las Cafeteras.

Dr. Pinch & the Pinchtones.


Seems like most of photography focuses on landscapes, dogs and occasionally cities. I haven't had much chance to take photos of musicians until last week's Union Station anniversary event here in L.A.

I work for the agency that owns the station and numerous acts were booked to play. So I had a fun day and managed to get some good results using only my Nikon D5100, the Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens and sometimes an SB 700 flash (although I mostly used ambient light).

The big thing I worked on was shooting at wide apertures to help with the low light and to really, really concentrate on getting the focus point on the musicians' eyes. I didn't have a huge percentage of keepers, but I managed to get some pretty decent shots.

My favorite is the black and white at the top of Jennifer Keith. She performs classic American music from the first half of the 20th century and the black and white just seemed right. 

She is also ridiculously photogenic. A couple more I thought turned out really well:

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