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Gardisky Lake

Gardisky is one of those lakes we had overlooked in nearly 20 years of visiting the Eastern Sierra. We visited because of rumors of 14-inch brook trout -- which we didn't discover on this day. Too breezy. 

The hike is short but a bit of a lungbuster, as the trail climbs almost 1,000 feet in about .9 miles from the trailhead along Saddlebag Lake Road. The scenery is worth it: a small but pretty lake in a meadow beneath Tioga Peak. (Directions here).

That's the view to the west beyond my hiking sticks (hey Leki: license this pic!). The light was poor due it being late afternoon but you get the idea: snow-capped peaks early in the season. 

Both pics taken with my new beast of a camera, the Nikon df. The lens was the Nikon 18-35mm 3.5 wide angle -- cheaper than the 16-35 and 14-24 -- but still very sharp. 

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  1. Looks like a real my old f3.

  2. Hey -- they basically modeled it on their old film cameras and then stuck the sensor from their top pro camera in the thing. The funny thing is the dials are very cool and retro -- and you can basically ignore them and shoot the same way you would with the other digital cameras. Julie has her old Pentax that looks like the F3. It's fun to play with until you have to pay to get the film developed and scanned :)