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Kayaking Upper Newport Bay

First time out in the new kayak today -- got a sweet deal during REI's spring sale on a Wilderness Tsunami 125, a really nice all-around boat. Lets you get close to wildlife, such as the top photo of a cormorant in Upper Newport Bay in the OC.

Not sure about the type of bird in the middle photo. 

All pics taken with my new Nikon Df with the Nikon 70-300mm telephoto. I was little nervous taking the Df out on the water -- given that my D5000 went to Davy Jones' locker via a kayak a few years ago. But what the hell. No point babying the thing. 

Upper Newport Bay is a fun place to paddle. I could live without the steady stream of planes taking off from John Wayne Airport but it's still a nice oasis surrounded by both the sea and a sea of OC suburbia. Examples of both: 

If you want to paddle there, rentals are available from Southwind Kayak Center or the Newport Aquatic Center, where you can also park and launch your own boats (if you have one).

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