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Kayaking Lake Mary

Looking toward Duck Pass, a popular route into the John Muir Wilderness. 

That's Crystal Crag, which looms above Lake Mary, Lake George and Crystal Lake. The hike from Lake George to Crystal Lake is well worth taking. 

Lake Mary and the back side of Mammoth Mountain. 

The stump field on the west side of the lake. 

Same thing, but trying it in black and white. 

I spent a night in Mammoth Lakes en route to Yosemite -- and arrived with enough light to spare for a nice evening paddle around Lake Mary, the largest and most popular of the "Mammoth Lakes" owing to the scenery and the fishing (the lake is heavily stocked). 

How to get 'sun stars?' Use a small aperture such as f/16! It's like making the camera squint. 

All photos taken with my Nikon Df and the Nikon 18-35mm 3.5 lens for FX cameras. The lens is the less expensive of the three wide-angle zooms that Nikon makes for FX cameras but is very, very sharp. 

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