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Bighorn sheep in the Angeles National Forest

My partner and I went hiking near Wrightwood on Sunday and decided to drive back the long way -- across the San Gabriel Mountains on the Angeles Crest Highway. As usual there were lots of rocks on the road, which we owed to the steepness and crumbliness of the range. (For those who don't live in the area, the San Gabes are the mountains that divide the L.A. metro area from the Mojave Desert). 

San Gabriel Mountain lens flare

We were driving south on the Angeles Crest Highway on Sunday evening at sunset and wanted to capture this vista of the clouds filling and spilling over from one of the range's valleys. The problem: there was no way not to shoot straight into the sun. 

Gladiator run, Rose Bowl

Took the dog and camera to the Rose Bowl for a walk Saturday afternoon and lo and behold, there's a Gladiator event going on. Good chance to play with the 85mm 1.4D lens I just rented.

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Cincinnati's fall colors

A few stabs at fall colors, which were peaking just as I had to leave Cincinnati last week. SML, as the kiddies say. 

I didn't have much time to shoot, but was able to take a few photos while out and about -- mostly on rainy days as it rained or was deeply overcast during much of my visit to the Queen City. 

The top photo -- the best of this selection -- was taken in French Park. I think it works because we get just a taste of the leaves turning bright yellow in the top of the image, which contrasts quite nicely with the duller colors of the fallen leaves on the pathway. In between are three benches; things always tend to look nice in clumps of three. 

The second best shot -- the one of the guy fishing -- was in Sharon Woods. That one works because there's just enough color to keep it interesting. 

Autumn colors are tough -- I've always struggled with the colors, trying to figure out how best to reign them in, particularly the yellows, which can sometimes come across as too bright and dominant. In this photo from the Eastern Sierra from 2013 I was able to just reign them in enough for a good shot: 

Aspens and fall color in Lundy Canyon.

And in another shot from last year, I perhaps reigned the yellows in too much: 

Convict Lake in the Eastern Sierra.

Matt Kloskowski has some good fall color tips on his website. One of his suggestions is to use a polarizing filter. I didn't have one with me, so I tried the polarizer filter in Color Efex Pro, the NIK Software plug-in to Lightroom. Seemed like it helped. 
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Cherokee Motors & other Cincinnati pics

A few random photos from my recent trip to Cincy. Not sure if there's a theme that runs through these pics -- well it rained a lot. And perhaps my gravitated toward the older, industrial and/or decaying side of Cincinnati. Or maybe I was just in a shitty mood (a distinct possibility). 

Four way + cheese coney

At the Skyline Chili in Blue Ash. If you haven't had Cincinnati chili before, the four way is spaghetti, chili, onions and cheese. The cheese coney is a cheapo hot dog, chili, mustard and onions. Bliss on a bun.

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Cincinnati's backyard deer even like dogs

Saw this in a backyard in a very developed part of Cincy near Vine Street -- a deer hanging out with two pit bull mixes. Don't see that every day. I didn't have the right lens on the camera, but I only had a few seconds and at least I got a shot. 

Tyler Davidson Fountain, Cincinnati's Fountain Square

Took this one last night at Fountain Square, the public plaza in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. As civic squares go, this one is pretty uninspired -- as if a Cincy pol had his/her secretary google "generic things I can do to make it look like I care about our pre-eminent public space." But I've always loved the Tyler Davidson Fountain, which was dedicated in 1871, and that was good enough reason to visit. 

Frisch's Big Boy mascot

My tour of Cincinnati culinary hotspots continues. White Castles earlier this week, Frisch's Big Boy (in the suburb of Blush Ash) tonight. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I noticed the Big Boy mascot was dressed for Halloween. Boom. Easy photo. 

White Castles at night, Cincinnati

Not exactly Nighthawks, but if you ever wondered where the term "sliders" comes from -- it comes from White Castles, the mini-burger franchise found in a few Midwestern cities. The one above is at the corner of Reading Road and Taft Avenue in Cincinnati.

Will's Pony Keg, black and white

Back in Cincinnati for a couple of weeks. Driving back from Mariemont, I stumbled across this pony keg on Plainville Road.