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Will's Pony Keg, black and white

Back in Cincinnati for a couple of weeks. Driving back from Mariemont, I stumbled across this pony keg on Plainville Road. 

Pony keg is one of those labels unique to Cincy (as far as I can tell); they're small markets that sell beer and/or small kegs. I grew up near one in Pleasant Ridge that served as the candy hotspot for the local kids.

I shot the pic in color, but knew I would convert to black and white. It was night, there was rain and pony kegs are basically a thing of the past. Black and white just seemed right. 

Maybe this version is better -- I did a better job of getting the camera lower to the ground. I also processed it in a slightly different manner:

As you might have guessed, I really like a lot of blank space or darkness in my black and whites. I think it makes the subject a lot more interesting. 

This place, btw, would make a great place to pose someone for the cover of a record album. Hint, hint Bruce Springsteen :) 

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