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Allen's hummingbird

Went to the Huntington recently to play with a macro lens that I rented -- the Nikon 105 2.8. But this hummingbird was hanging around and allowing me to get pretty close -- within 10 to 15 feet -- so I ended up sticking the telephoto lens on my camera and firing away. 

Only complaint: the little guy/girl didn't seem to want to hover. It would land, take off, land again, etc. There was very little hovering, which is what you usually need to get a shot of them flying. 

As usual, I tried some different processing. A couple of the shots were taken at real high ISOs, one benefit of using a full-frame sensor. The pics were taken with a Nikon Df and the Nikon 70-300mm telephoto -- one of their cheaper telephotos, but one that usually delivers good looking pics. 

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