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Blue the pit bull and fall colors

Some recent Blue The Rescue Pit Bull pics. The top one works well because I was able to get Blue to stand still on a terraced wall at Brookside Park (next to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena), allowing me to get the camera at a low angle and shoot up. 

Most people tend to shoot looking down when taking photos of their dogs. It's good to get even with them on the ground or below if possible. It also helped that the late afternoon light hitting the trees above Bluey was really nice. 

In the second photo, I unintentionally missed focus, the reason her nose is sharp and her eyes are not. Happy accident as the photo works. The third photo was taken with the Nikon 85mm 1.4D lens at close range and at f/5.6. Sure makes that background look interesting. Not sure I like the way that the trees blend into the very bright sky. 

I like the random leaf sitting on the sidewalk in the fourth photo taken on Halloween, thus the purple thingy around her neck. 

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