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Sun rays and sailboats

Took these just south of the Santa Monica Pier on Sunday as the late afternoon fog was forming. 

Tough exposure given the bright sun and the sea in the shadows. I was at 170mm on my 70-300mm lens -- I could have zoomed in on the closer of the two sailboats but I thought the big picture was the way to go to fully capture the sun rays and sun. 

Even though I shot in RAW, I had a tough time processing these -- and am probably going to try to redo both at some point. There was definitely a golden/yellow cast to the entire scene -- you can see that even in the RAW image -- and I tried to be restrained in the color version. Not sure I was restrained enough. 

The black and white version has a nice range of tones. The issue is that it may pale in comparison to the color version. I'm looking forward to seeing prints of both and how they may translate at 18 x 12 -- on a laptop screen, the boats may be too small to appreciate. 

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