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Union Station, black and white

East Portal, Los Angeles Union Station.

Shot these for work. The top two were me just fooling around in the East Portal side of Union Station on the way home. The bottom two were taken during the Invisible Cities' performance in the old ticketing room. 

Union Station looks great in color. At night, it looks even better in black and white. 

The top photo is my favorite. I can't decide if not including the entire word 'Metro' in the frame at bottom is a fatal mistake or whether it matters. The original image was brighter and I processed it in Silver Efex Pro to make it a little more moody while preserving the imbalance of light -- the stairs were darker than the hallway below. 

I like the vertical image, too. It focuses mostly on the stairs and includes the windows at the top of the portal. Both images convey the idea of a lone traveler through the city at night -- strip away the hustle and bustle, and you get a lone person going up the stairs to God-knows-where. 

The bottom two images were my favorite from the Invisible Cities opera. The color images were nice, but something about the shadows and the ability to isolate the singers and a little of the station's architecture is nicer. 

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