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Middle Gaylor Lake, wide-angle

Shot this last July. Barely gave it a second glance until last week when I was going through pics from last year. Bottom line: the pics I thought I liked, I now hate. And the stuff I ignored is now looking better and better. 

Or maybe they all suck and I should be blogging about macrame or doll collecting. 

There were some other pics from my hike to Gaylor that I liked better (see this post). But this one is a bit different and feels almost film-like. 

That's Cathedral Peak that is just left of center, probably 10 miles distant. I think it's always interesting to take an iconic thing and make it small in the frame with a lot of context. In this photo, the result is that Cathedral Peak still is recognizable and we get to see how uniquely shaped it is compared to some other big peaks surrounding Tuolumne Meadows. 

The Gaylor Lakes are well worth a visit. I drove past the trailhead (at the Tioga Pass entrance to the park on Highway 120) for many years before stopping last year and hiking in. Of course, I ended up getting soaked in a thunder storm but the clouds certainly helped the picture taking. 

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