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Full Moonrise over Brianhead Ski Resort and a fiery sunset

Full moon rising over Brianhead Ski Resort in Southwest Utah.

Shot earlier Monday evening from a Dixie National Forest road in Brianhead, Utah. We were looking for a place to walk the dog and got a nice bonus. As we left a full moon rose over Brianhead Ski Resort while to the west a fiery sunset erupted over Cedar Breaks National Monument. 

This was happening simultaneously. And we happened to be in a meadow with pretty good views in both directions.

I tossed the 70-300mm telephoto lens on the Nikon Df. My first priority was the moon rise as I needed a shot before the moon got too high in the sky. I fired off a bunch of shots handheld, trying my best to expose for the moon so that it wouldn't look like a big white blob (shooting the moon is like taking a picture of a light bulb). 

I then turned my attention to the sunset, trying to make sure I captured the colorful sky and got a little detail in the mountains.

The photos above aren't perfect; they're a little noisy. They could be a tad sharper. The black and white version of the moonrise isn't as good as the color -- not enough going on in the sky for B/W to work. 

All that said, I still managed to get some decent shots. It helped a ton that I shot in RAW -- always shoot in RAW or RAW + jpeg when you have a tricky exposureRAW makes it much easier to fix problems with exposure when processing images. 

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