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Stable horses

Shot at the L.A. Equestrian Center last weekend. I like the first one the most even if it's a little dark and grainy (these were shot late in the day without flash). 

What I like specifically about the photo: the composition. The interior of the stables are always a fun place to shoot because there's almost always bright light from the outside and shadow and dust, the horizontal and vertical lines of the structure itself and, of course, the immense, irregular and unmistakeable shape of the horses. Shooting at the stables is an exercise in finding good combinations of all threes. 

And the top pic is a worthy combo. Even the fact that the horse at left is a bit dark doesn't bother me. It adds a bit of mystery and realism to the photo. Not everything is always visible. Things exist between silhouette and perfect visibility. Not everything can be Photoshopped back to perfection. 

I might even post this one an internet camera forum just to see how many people tell me to better recover those shadows, which will allow me to tell them "no thanks, fuck off." 

I actually really like the second photo, too. But for different reasons. The horse looks solemn, enclosed in a small space perhaps not fitting such grand creatures. 

The photos were taken my Nikon Df and the Nikon 18-35mm wide angle lens. They were processed in Lightroom with the Google NIK photo collection of software (Silver Efex Pro and/or Color Efex Pro). 

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