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Man waiting for a train

Shot this one for work. I wait for the train home at L.A. Union Station in the same spot each day, so this scene is familiar. But yesterday was a little different -- a lone man waiting near the end of the adjacent platform and some really nice light about an hour before sunset. 

With my train approaching, I managed to grab the Nikon out of my shoulder sling and quickly compose a shot and fire off a few frames. The result: a pretty good photo with some nice lines courtesy of the train tracks, platforms and overhead catenary wire. 

The sunset turned out to be pretty colorful an hour later -- then again, the scene may not have been as good without the man-in-black standing there. 

Camera and lens: Nikon Df + 50mm 1.8 lens. Shot in RAW and processed in Lightroom and Google Nik Collection's Color Efex Pro. 

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