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Listen to me on Judge John Hodgman

From the Department of Shameless Self Promotion: I'm on this week's Judge John Hodgman podcast in which the Judge considered my case against my friend Scott (that's us above trying the case via Skype, I'm the chubster on the right). Case description from the website: 

Steve brings the case against his best friend Scott. Years ago, Scott introduced Steve to a love of hockey, by inviting him to professional games and teaching him how to play. Steve went on to play in a local rec league, but Scott quit playing entirely. Now Steve wants his friend to get back into the sport and play one last season with him. Should Scott get back out on the ice, or continue to watch from the stands? Only one man can decide.

You can listen here. John Hodgman, as I'm sure you know, is a correspondent on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and also a well-known comedian, writer and actor, among other things. His podcast helps settle disputes between friends, families and couples and is frequently hilarious and filled with his astute observations about the human condition. 

Please give it a listen! 


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