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Seniors at play

The above images ran as part of a Zocalo Public Square "Glimpses" on seniors at play in the L.A. area. Check out the gallery on their site and the accompanying text.

It was a fun but challenging assignment. I decided early on to try to avoid a couple of obvious choices (golf and tennis), although I think both would have been fun to shoot. Instead, I looked for a mix of games, sports and exercise. Most of the pics were taken quickly -- I had to find someone and get a usable shot. Boom boom boom. There was rarely time to really set things up or explore all the angles.

The photo of the walking path next to Evergreen Cemetery in Boyle Heights was the shot I really wanted (exercise to stay to the left of the fence!) although the resulting image is nothing special. The softball image is the best action shot, although the parked cars in the background is distracting. The only shot I got of the woman holding up the fish on the pier had the rod across her face -- unfortunate. 

That said, I was mildly pleased with the mix. Due to time constraints, I didn't manage to find a senior involved in boxing or the martial arts and I didn't have a chance to shoot beer league hockey. A shot of a senior surfing would have been great. All in all, an idea to tackle again sometime in the future. 

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